We Create Amazing Experiences

We work with service driven entrepreneurs, business owners, coaches, authors and visionaries to create amazing domestic and international events that your audience will remember.

Your Goal: To host an event that is transformational for you and your tribe.

Our Goal: To help you create amazing events that leave a lasting impact and impression on your audience.

You may be organized and detailed enough to plan your own events or the idea may scare you to death. The bigger question is do you WANT to have to spend hours on event details or take those same hours refining your message?

Your Goal: To reach the masses with your message

Our Goal: To take the burden, the details and the time of planning your event and carry that load. We know how heavy that load is! It’s time to take a load off!

Event Planning is our genius and our love and we’re damn good at it.

It Takes a Village

As a busy, successful entrepreneur you know that it takes more than just your own genius to make shit happen on a massive level.

We understand that as well, which is why we have a team that pools our knowledge and experience and brings your vision to life.

Our promise is to create your vision and to represent you and your message at the highest levels of integrity.

When you partner with us, you can be confident that your brand, message and mission will grow stronger and go farther.

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Personalized Event Development

Do you want to host an event, but have no idea where to start?

You can work with Lany privately to develop the idea for your event and build out your full event strategy. When you work directly with Lany, you will walk away with an event strategy that you not only love, but feel confident enough to execute and create.

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Event Planning Roadmap

The Event Planning Roadmap was created from a need that Lany discovered as she worked with her clients.

She realized after working with small business owners that some not only lacked the budget to hire a professional event planner, but also the know how to create a successful event on their own.

Events are a messy, stressful part of business. They require great attention to detail, massive oversight and a working budget. How is a business owner supposed to navigate the murky waters of event planning while running a business that requires their attention 24/7?

She researched event planning checklists on the market and realized that the options were lacking the nitty-gritty details that make the difference between a successful event and one that falls flat.

Lany harnessed all of her event planning and experiential marketing knowledge and started building an event planning checklist. It turned into a comprehensive 200 page, 30+ downloadable files and 25 checklists called the Event Planning Roadmap.

This roadmap eliminates all industry jargon and simplifies the event planning process. With the Event Planning Roadmap, business owners can now confidently navigate the process of creating an exceptional event.

Confidently start planning your events with your own copy of the Event Planning Roadmap.

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Client Reviews: We Love our Clients, And They Love Us.

Let’s just say… It’s A LOVEFEST!

When you partner with Events By Lany, we are ALL in! We don’t half ass anything. We give our all to you and your vision. We know and value how important the experience is to you and your audience. We refuse to show up with anything but our absolute BEST.

Lany is an exceptional event planner. No matter what stage your event is at, trust Lany to get the job done quick, efficiently and paying attention to all the small details. She is very easy to talk to and communicate with and she knows how to get the job done. She helped our international conference only months before start date and to say she was incredible is an understatement. She took the bulls by the horns and made the event an absolute success. I’d recommend Lany to anyone.
Melissa Mackey, Ignite Me Now
Lany, I have no words for the admiration I have for how you deliver your genius. Thank you for making things go smoothly. I appreciated all you did. I cannot believe how under all the troubles you showed up with grace, self control, and confidence. Watching you move under all the described circumstances made me want to pray in gratefulness for your presence and send you lots of love from even before I went to Bali until now… Thank you Lany!!!
Cathy Niezen, Community Building Consultancy

Man oh man is Lany the Event Queen!! She knows more about the right way to produce a world class event than anyone I’ve met or studied. She pulls back the curtain and reveals things you wouldn’t even think of and the things you think you know, she gives you a broader understanding. Her strategies are practical and comprehensive. No fluff here

Shayna Rattler, Corporate Attraction™