Lany Sullivan is an event planning and event execution expert. She has a keen eye to see the larger business goal as well as the ability to successfully mitigate conflicts, implement detailed initiatives and create strategies for shaping the success of your event. She has successfully produced, executed and managed event marketing ventures for companies such as: Jeep, Disney XD, NBC, American Airlines, Kraft Foods, Wall Street Journal, AIDS Health Foundation, and many more. Today, she works with international coaches, consultants, speakers and authors who want to get their message out using events, but don’t want the hassle of managing all of the logistics. All those nitty gritty details that make you cringe, but ensure the success of an event, excite her!

Our Story and Who We Are

Events by Lany is owned and operated by Lany Sullivan. Lany has been planning events for a large variety of organizations, brands, wellness experts, coaches and more for years. She has this crazy innate ability to foresee and plan ahead when it comes to potential issues at events. You would never believe some of the stories she has; from ice sculptures gone wrong at Winter X Games to cross country tours where staff bail at the last minute. The best part of her ability is that she carries the burden and manages it with grace, style and her laugh-your-ass-off sarcasm that just comes so naturally. You’d never know that she just had a bad day because that woman is always smiling. She’s got an answer or solution for everyone and everything when it comes to events and if she doesn’t, she knows how to find it. 

Creating, planning, designing and managing an event is not a one woman show. We pitty the fool who takes on an event by their lonesome. (Uh ya, don’t do that…ever!) Our team is comprised of amazing experts that know the ins and outs of events, sponsorships, marketing and social media. We’ve been creating and planning events for what seems like forever and it’s old hat, but a really fun old hat. We love what we do and we actually really like each other too! BONUS! (Are you laughing with us yet?)

Who are we really?

We’re FUN!

We LOVE to play, throw around some sarcasm, laugh our asses off, travel the world and we put in major work creating pure awesomeness for our clients. When you work with the team at Events by Lany, you can feel confident that we will not only create an amazing experience for your tribe, but your brand and message will be evident in every area of the event from registration to closing ceremonies. 

We Create Beautiful Partnerships!

When we plan an event, we work from conception to reconciliation. We can hear you ask, “What the heck does that mean?” It means that we work side by side as partners with you from the moment you hire us. We develop and execute your entire event leading up to the live execution, we show up on site to ensure that all details are in order, we carry the burden of “getting it right” so that you can focus on your message and your tribe and we help you close the books on your event; collecting raw footage, balancing the budget, etc. 

Our philosophy is you gotta love what you do and you have to have fun while you’re doing it. We love working with clients who share those same sentiments. 

Ready to work with us and ENJOY your event? 

Contact us below and we’ll schedule time to discuss your event in more detail.