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Imagine if your employees looked as happy as this picture above!

The sad fact is (and the stats prove it) that a large percentage of employees are miserable in their jobs. They wish they were anywhere but working in their current job.

Your employees are suffering and unhappy.

Your business is suffering.

Your customers are suffering.

Something has to change. You’ve hit a wall. Your sales are stagnant. Your team is fractured.

Many companies are seeing…..

Lack of alignment

Lack of clear goals

Lack of collaboration

Lack of communication

Lack of teamwork

Lack of community

Lack of honesty

Lack of ethics

Lack of efficiency

Employee retention issues

We need to shift the culture of our workplaces and it starts with you!

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How do you make a positive impact immediately on your workplace?

How do you change the course of your organization?

How do you get buy in from your employees?

Build a Company Culture and Legacy of Postivity

Let’s get down to brass tacks. You’ve got an incredible team. You have awesome employees. You also have zero bandwidth to plan an event for your company. You know that the key to employee retention is happy and satisfied employees.

Happy employees stay happy when they feel valued, seen, heard and recognized. One of the best ways (and it’s proven) is to create fun, engaging events that encourage team building, promote and solidify your company vision, deepen trust and respect, foster collaboration and support.

What kind of culture are you creating?

When we work together, we will develop a custom event from 1 to 7 days for your employees, management or executive team. We’ll harness your vision and create an experience that will leave a positive imprint on all of your employees.

I can create a variety of options for you and your team based on your needs and budget.

Call or email me and we can discuss your vision.


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Numbers Don’t Lie

Companies with less than 100 employees only averaged 12 minutes of management training every six months. The situation is even worse for companies boasting more than 100 employees. Companies that have 100-500 employees got the worse end of the bargain, putting up with only 6 minutes of management training every six months.

74% participants assert that lack of training is the biggest hurdle in achieving their full potential at work. 87% of Millennials stated that professional development and career growth are very important. 76% of employees are looking for career growth opportunities. In fact, employee satisfaction grows with the number of corporate trainings they are exposed to.

Only 13% of employees are highly engaged at work while 26%seem utterly detached, like they would rather be anywhere else.

70% of employees say that job-related training and development directly influences the employee’s decision to stay with a company or not. 53% of HR professionals consider retaining top talent their top priority.

only 12% learners implement what they learn from training that they receive on their jobs. This shows that the training programs are not designed with a practical approach in mind.

33% of employees who attended corporate trainings say that uninspiring content that they have to contend with is the biggest barrier to learning. 70% of on the job learning occurs informally. It is better to ditch mundane learning methods in favor of more action-oriented models with real-life scenarios. The more comfortable your employees feel, the more they are prone to learn. As the saying goes, “Laughter is the best medicine.”

62% managers believe that their learning programs are ineffective in meeting the learning needs of their employees.

Companies with engaged employees outperform those without by up to 202%.

Large companies averaged $19.7 million, mid size averaged $2.1 million and small companies averaged $355k in training expenses.

In 2018 companies averaged $1,000 per employee in training expenses.