Welcome to your very own Event Resource Center. I have created a variety of resources to help you ease into planning your own event. My goal is to help you create better events that will allow you to create a greater impact and amazing experience for your attendees. Some of these resources are free and are my gift to you. Others are offered at a very affordable investment from $17-$97. 

  • The Event Planning Roadmap is the most comprehensive checklist on the market. With 24+ downloadable files, you can create an amazing, life changing event starting today. Understand that when you take on the task of planning an event, there are thousands of details to manage and you will want to have your team handy to help you build out your event. 

  • The Event Starter Pack is the introduction to planning your event. It’s the beginning of your event planning process. Maybe you’re not ready to full commit to planning your event yet, but you need to start making some moves one way or the other. This is where you want to start.*  

The Event Starter Pack includes:

Define Your Event Purpose & Goals

Identify Your Target Audience

How to Create an Amazing Experience

Full Budget Template

Event Timeline

  • Full Budget Template is exactly that. This template will help give you a broad view of what can be included in your budget and help you create an expense projection and identify income and revenue goals.*

  • Release of Liability and Media Consent Form – This is not included in the Event Planning Roadmap. The Release of Liability and Media Consent form is your first layer of legal protection in your event. This form is one that every attendee signs or acknowledges BEFORE they enter your event. This protects you, your team, your event and your business from potential legal issues or lawsuits. It is highly recommended that you have this form in place for all events that you plan.

*  Included in Event Planning Roadmap

The Event Planning Roadmap will help you and your team navigate the ins and outs of planning and creating each and every event going forward. With the purchase of the Roadmap, you receive a free 30 minute consultation to help you jumpstart your event creation.

Buy the Complete Roadmap

The Event Starter Pack (part of the Event Planning Roadmap) is a great way to get started and to ease your way into the event planning process. 

Buy the Event Starter Pack

One of the very first foundational pillars of event creation is determining your budget. Use this template to project your expenses and more importantly, your Event Profit.

Buy the Profit Template

Protect you, your business, your event, your team, speakers, sponsors, vendors, and partners with a Release of Liability. This is the first layer of legal protection that all event organizers need to have in place.

Buy the Liability Release & Media Consent Form

The Event Technology Pack will help you jumpstart and secure all of your event technology services. Securing your videographer and photographer, knowing what all your audio visual and staging needs will be and how much WiFi will cost you. The Event Tech Pack will guide you each step of the way.

Buy the Event Technology Pack

How do you select your Venue? Do you need Hotel Accommodations? Catering, F&B, BEO. What is it all and what does it mean? What kind of transportation do you need for you, your team, your speakers, sponsors, exhibitors and guests?  This Pack will help you secure all of your venue, food and transportation needs.

Buy the Venue & Transportation Pack

There is more to promoting your event on social than advertising. This guide and checklist will help you navigate the ins and outs of how to effectively use each social media platform to market your event. Follow this guide to help you engage your audience before, during and after your event.

Buy the Social Media Event Promo Checklist

Are you unsure of where you need to start? I’ve created mini/quick start versions of the Event Planning Roadmap Checklists to give you a hand. These are meant to get you thinking. To jog your brain. To help you come up with ideas. To be creative. Maybe you’re considering an event, but you’re not sure how to begin. 

Many of my event community download these resources when they are anywhere from 3-12 months out from even thinking about creating an event. 

Download these resources for only $1 and join the Event Insider’s Community to get access to all of my additional free resources and content. 

This quick resource guide will give you more than a dozen ways to make money with your next event. Event Revenue goes far beyond ticket sales.

Download the Event Revenue Guide

What is your WHY? What is the purpose, vision and goal of your event? What kind of value will you deliver? Use this guide to help you define the big picture of your event.

Download the Event Purpose & Goals

When choosing a venue what are the basics that you need to ask and know as you begin researching for your event? This quick start guide will help you jump start the conversation.

Download the QS Venue Checklist

When you decide to create an event, you must know what your fixed & floating expenses. Once you know what your expenses will be, you can begin to create your strategy for generating revenue.

Download the QS Budget Checklist

This quick start event timeline will guide you through setting up the big picture of your event. Make sure your timelines and deadlines are set up before you start.

Download the QS Event Timeline

These 7 tips will guide you in the process of creating an amazing experience for your audience. Experience matters.

Download the 7 Tips to Create an Experience

Thinking about planning an international retreat or event? Follow these 8 tips to get started on the right path.

Download the International Event Planning Tips

As a Speaker, when you show up prepared with your needed and desired tech the event team can make sure they have all of your needs covered.

Download the Speaker Tech Rider Template

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