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Grow Your Business and Make a Positive Impact in Your Local Community

As a small business owner, local school district or non-profit your time is consumed (as it should be) by your business and the daily task at hand. All of a sudden you realize, we need to do an event! The questions start coming. How do we do it? Who has the time to take away from their normal daily functions to plan it? If you are planning the event, who is going to make your sales or greet your customers.

Many small business owners and entrepreneurs struggle to do all the things. You’ve worked your butt off to get your business off the ground and now you are still working your butt off to keep the income rolling.

And then the dreaded event.

First of all, don’t dread it.

The reason is simple.

You’ve got me!

You may have an incredible team, but I have found that most companies don’t have anyone with experience in planning and producing events. There’s nothing wrong with that until you need to plan an event. Then you scramble. You try to plan the event in house with your team. In the end, you manage to get the event done but everyone is burnt out, miserable and now way behind on their regular work. And they’re usually swearing off anything like this EVER again.

Sound familiar?

That’s because I have run into this scenario over and over again.

It’s a common occurrence.

Leave the Details to Me

You don’t know what you don’t know. There was never a more true statement. When you hire me to produce your event, I will take care of all of the details. Of course, we know the standard details of securing a venue. And what about audio? Do we have a projector? Flyers? Food? Drinks? Parking?

But what about all of the things that you didn’t think about? Like licenses, insurance, permits, permission slips, media releases and more? How do you know that you got the best deal on your venue, parking, food and beverage?

There are a 1,001 things that are needed to put together an event.

So, just as you are the expert in your business I am the expert in events.

It’s time to step out in faith, call in the reinforcements and hire the expert to take care of your event.

Give me a call or drop me an email and let’s chat.