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While I know there are lots of things that you want to know about me, there is nothing more valuable and informative than client testimonials. Please feel free to check those out as well at the bottom of my home page.

Since you are here, I’m going to assume that you are looking to work with someone who can plan, produce or manage your event. Let’s talk! 971-232-1566

I’ve been running events for the last 11 years and it truly is my happy place. You’ll find me in the background of events, happy as a lark supporting my clients, their speakers and their attendees.

When I was younger, my parents were part of Amway. I grew up in that environment of meetings, recruiting and personal development. I met the likes of Rich DeVos and attended different functions and rallies. Both my parents worked jobs, but they were seeking a better life and more income for their four kids. I applaud their efforts.

My parents pursuing something better for their family beyond the 9-5 left a mark on me that I didn’t realize until long after. As the oldest of 4 kids and the only girl, I landed in a role of being the “responsible one”. Now my brothers may disagree as they have their own perspectives and experiences. They like to call me bossy.

Being the eldest of 4 does kind of land you in the “I’m in charge while mom and dad get home” role more often than not, regardless of whether of not I wanted it. And I just might have wanted it. 🙂

My parents worked hard, my dad broke his back and they worked even harder to heal and recover physically, mentally, emotionally and financially from the chaos that ensued in our world for a few years. They diligently strove to provide the best that they could. We never had designer duds and fancy cars, but we had food on the table and we were able to pursue our passions and sports as carefree kids. Or as carefree as we could be.

When it was time for me to graduate, I wanted to go to college for business. Originally, I thought I wanted to be a nurse. I laugh about that now. I shrivel at the site of needles. There was no money for college. The choice was to help me through college or keep my brothers in private education. College didn’t land for me.

Through our family financial struggles I learned to adapt and show up in a supportive role for my family. My babysitting money early on went into the family budget to help keep us afloat and eventually I got to earn my own living. At 18 I started working for a bank, then moved onto a finance company as a Sales Assistant at 19. I strived for excellence. I was and always have been competitive, so I showed up, worked hard and became the youngest branch manager of a branch with a 4 million dollar portfolio at the age of 21.

I worked in the world of finance for a decade running offices with portfolios of 5-10 million dollars for a little known bank called Household Bank. When I hit the ceiling that I thought was supposed to be glass, I found it to be concrete.  I left there and worked for a couple of smaller finance firms before I realized that I needed to break out on my own and become an entrepreneur.

I started my first business in 2004 and then the market crashed 3 years later. I lost it all. I floated for about a year looking for something that ignited my passion. I fell into events accidentally. I worked for a digital marketing agency in their Experiential Events department. I had no clue what I was doing. I was a little fish in a VERY big pond. Fortunately, I had the business chops and the ability to adapt well to situations so I was able to adjust and become successful quickly.

After working with major brands like Disney, Jeep, Nike and more, I found that their products, messaging and overall marketing no longer aligned with my personal belief system. While I gained so much knowledge and a massive education about branding and marketing, I knew it was time to move on. I was able to take my experience in branding, marketing and of course, events over into the wellness and transformation spaces and it was a divine assignment.

I have found that I have the ability and capacity to accomplish more than many of my counterparts. I quickly realized that my capacity to maintain the logistics of an event, manage the energy and hold space is extremely large. I am able to balance all of the immediate needs of clients before, during and even after an event with little to no stress. Personally, I have never found events to be stressful. I enjoy the details and the process. Events are truly my passion and happy place.

The key to being successful at events is to be able to see the BIG picture while managing the exorbitant amount of details that make the big picture work.

There have been bumps and dumps along the journey. I have gained so much experience and knowledge that I can never regret any part of the path that I have traveled to get to this point.

I invite you to have a chat with me about your upcoming events. When you are ready, feel free to call or text me at 971-232-1566. I look forward to creating an amazing partnership with you.

And just in case you were curious…. 

I have successfully produced, executed and managed event marketing ventures for companies such as: Jeep, Winter X Games, E!, Cadbury, Pepsi, Disney XD, Nike, Dentyne, Irish Springs, Crystal Light, NBC, 20th Century Fox, Boost Mobile, Disney, PlayStation, Deutsch, HBO, Wall Street Journal, Yunker Energy, ADK America, Yakult, Famima, Dreyer’s Ice Cream, Manzanita Sol/Pepsi (Multi Cultural), T-Mobile (Multi Cultural), American Airlines, Aids Health Foundation, Greyhound BoltBus, Air New Zealand, US Cellular, Lifetime, Kraft Foods and more…

I have also worked with a variety of entrepreneurs including but not limited to: The Ultimate Stage Experience, Amplified Soul Live with Ruby Fremon, The Awakened Woman Conference, Free the Goddess Retreats, Mastermind to Millions, Wellness Champions, Dragonfly Restaurant, ZenFinders Retreats and more…

I have also worked with a variety of organizations in my local community where I live: Grants Pass, OR.



Since 2008, I have created and produced events for Fortune 100 to Fortune 1000 companies. I’ve produced over 300 events that have increased ROI, visibility, market presence, brand awareness and community growth.

While producing profitable events, I also coach and teach small business owners and entrepreneurs how to create better events on smaller budgets. By accessing my Event Planning Roadmap™️ and additional resources found on business owners no longer have to struggle with the event planning process on their own.


1. Create events that leave a lasting impression and keep the audience coming back for more.

2. Help them use events to grow their visibility and maximize their profits and ROI.

3. Provide access to the best team, staff and resources that will offer the best experience for the brand and the audience.



Live events puts your brand and message directly into the hands of your ideal client. Events secure the relationship that your client desires to have with you.




Why do your next event in a conference room? When you work with me, I’ll take your already solid event idea, flip it on it’s head and give it a whole new look and energy that will excite you and your audience.



As a leader and expert in the event industry I know what type of events are the most successful, including what attendees are craving and seeking in today’s competitive event market. I’ll help you break out of the boring event box and create something that is unique, exciting and truly representative of your brand and vision.



When you are ready to expand your marketing with events, you know that you need to have a budget, a buying audience, specific goals and a vision. Anything less than this will prohibit the success of your event and our ability to create something amazing. You understand and value the skills, talent, knowledge and experience required to create a profitable and successful event.


I LOVE events. ❤️❤️❤️ With 10 years of experience, event planning is not just a job or work to me. When we start discussing your event needs I bring my “A” game and a variety of ideas that will be very attractive to your ideal client. My clients are able to focus on their business, content, messaging and audience, while leaving all the sordid event details to me. I’VE GOT YOU.


“Thinking your event is good. Then to talking to Lany and your event becomes amazing! She was even more excited than me for my event!!! In only 30 min, she created a brand new experience for the participants that they will remember for a very long time! Imagine what she can do in 1 hour! Don’t even dare to create an event without talking to Lany now! Lany is the ultimate solution to all your problems!” ~ Simon Dousset


Below are pictures of events, venues, my dog, some travel, a few of my favorite thoughts and sayings. This is a small look into my life and who I am. Oh, yes….that is my dog Mika in some of those pictures. She doesn’t like to be left out.