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You have a deep calling to impact this world. You are called to create a safe space for those who need help breaking the bonds of old thought patterns and cycles and to break through their cocoon into a beautiful butterfly.

You are called to show them the way. 

You have been through the depths of despair. You have been down and out. You have broken the chains of your old stories. You have unpacked the old hurts. 

You are living your best life. You are choosing every day to be the best version of yourself.

And you have a desire so indescribable to help others do the same.

You are ready to create an event OR have already been creating events for your audience and it’s time for you to elevate your event.

You are ready to pass the torch and build your team. It’s time for you to trust others to show up in full support of your vision and mission.

It’s time for you to fully walk your talk.

It’s time for us to work together…

How We Work

When You Work With Us You Agree To The Following

  • All payments will be paid on time according to terms set forth

  • Fulfill all contract responsibilities

  • Show up on time for all scheduled appointments (or reschedule with adequate notice when necessary)

  • All deadlines set forth on timeline will be met, including any and all contracts and payment terms

  • Openly communicate when there are issues or concerns

  • Understand that Events by Lany team works as contractors and not as employees

  • Be open to ideas and concepts that are different than what you anticipated

  • Follow our lead when it comes to event logistics, planning, production and management

  • Honor our relationship with openness, honesty and respect

How We Work With Clients

From event creation to onsite management, we cover every detail of the planning and production of your event. We don’t just plan events; we create amazing experiences for our clients and their audience.

We Commit To:

  • Create the space for you to shine in your genius while we shine in ours

  • Work on your event according to a set timeline that we create for maximum efficiency

  • Communicate openly and honestly regarding every component of your event

  • Share unique and creative ideas with you to maximize the event experience

  • Negotiate all contracts on your behalf and for your benefit

  • Always work with the highest integrity

  • Clearly define duties and responsibilities and fulfill our contract

  • Honor our relationship with openness, honesty and respect

Let’s keep it simple.

Who has time for buttons, funnels, widgets and all that? Drop me an email or a call and let’s chat.